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May 7, 2010

Fort Donelson’s eaglets on view

Young eaglets making their public debut at Fort Donelson National Park

This year’s brood of eagle hatchlings at Fort Donelson are making their public debut. The eaglets are now regularly perching at the top of the nest in full view of appreciative visitors and birdwatchers. The parenting pair have been seen feeding the youngsters in the morning but are not making repeated feeding runs during the day. The eaglets appear to be about eighteen inches or more in height and about fifteen to twenty pounds in weight.

According to Fort Donelson park rangers, the eaglets usually take flight around Memorial Day weekend and they think that pattern will be true this year as well. Eagle parenting means that while the adults are not sitting right at the nest, they are not far away from their young charges. The eagle observation point in Fort Donelson affords birdwatchers a great view of the nest and eagles activities.

Visitors are reminded that it is illegal to approach the actual nest. Binoculars and long-range photography at the observation point are approved. Visitors are also not permitted to feed the eagles or other wildlife in the park. More information on park regulations is available at the visitors center at the park entrance.

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