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June 10, 2014

Trailer destroyed in suspicious early morning fire on Monday

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Police and fire officials continue to investigate a trailer house fire at 50 Lou Ann Drive that occurred at 2:37 a.m. Monday.  The cause of the fire was inconclusive but it did lead to the investigation of a meth lab, according to Clarksville Police.

Firefighters battled the blaze in the back corner of the trailer with flames reaching forty feet in height.

The fire was put out and investigators deemed the blaze “suspicious.” There was no utility service to the structure and the fire was extinguished, but as investigators began looking for the cause and origin, it was ruled a suspicious fire.

No utilities were on at the home and the woman and children who had lived there were staying with relatives while the husband stayed with friends. The husband was identified as Mark Wilken, who gave an 850 Lou Ann Drive address. He was arrested on unrelated charges. Wilken was charged with public intoxication and violation of conditions of release  with a bond set at $300, 439.

Wilken had a history involving meth, though firefighters found no evidence in the trailer. However, police investigators found meth evidence in an exterior garbage container.

The fire did appear to be intentionally set and there was an incident of of domestic violence on Sunday

Special clean-up will be required since components for meth were found at the scene. The trailer was a total loss. Anyone with information about the fire is asked to call 931-645-7462.


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