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January 7, 2015

New City Council takes oath of office

For a second time, Clarksville’s Roxy Regional Theatre , 100 Franklin Street, was the gathering point for the oath of office ceremony for a newly elected City Council.  With more than 160 guests as witnesses, the newly elected Clarksville City Council met in their first special session of 2015 and took their oath of office to cheers and applause.

Judge Robert Wedemeyer presided over Mayor Kim McMillan’s second swearing-in. He spoke of the similarity between the council and  members of a jury. The juror’s oath binds them together to act as a team group. No personal agendas, biases or personal dislikes can be allowed to prevail over the decided judgement of the group. Such should also be the guidance for the members of city council. With this advice, Mayor McMillan took her oath of office. She in turn administered the oath of office to the council members. Applause and cheers filled the theatre at the conclusion of the ceremony as family and friends gathered around the stage for photos and well-wishing.

Following the official city archives picture-taking, Mayor McMillan invited everyone to a reception on the fourth floor of City Hall. More picture-taking ensued as local media representatives of Business Clarksville, Clarksville Now, Black Clarksville and The Leaf Chronicle gathered for their chance to record the evening’s highlights.

The Mayor’s Conference Room was resplendent with refreshments from The Chopping Block.  A Spinach-crabmeat dip,along with a salmon spread and pulled barbecue pork mini-sandwiches, fruit kabobs and a chocolate indulgence graced the offerings as guests proceeded around the serving table. Warm chatter and cheers filled the air with a welcoming atmosphere. Mayor McMillan took up post at the entrance and made a effort to greet everyone entering the reception. Several times she became the center of focus for youngsters as they came into the room. Smiles brighter than any star where prominent throughout the event. Several city department heads were also in evidence.

[Photos by Turner McCullough Jr./Used with Permission]

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