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March 2, 2014

CPD and CFD partner for special birthday request

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On Tuesday, February 25, elements of the Clarksville Police Department, along with elements of Clarksville Fire Department, gathered to fulfill a very special birthday request for a six-year old boy in Rhode Island.

This special effort was on behalf of Tyler Seddon who has been diagnosed with leukemia for a second time. Tyler has requested the police officers and fire fighters send him birthday cards for his 7th birthday, which is March 6th.

The department decided to go Tyler one better and gathered several officers, a patrol vehicle  and two motorcycles for a picture. The fire department gave several firefights and one fire truck to the project.

The project was coordinated by Detective Candace Randall who learned of Tyler’s situation on News. Going one better than a mere birthday card, Det. Randall suggested the department really give Tyler something special for his birthday.

Along with the picture elements of the police and fire department departments, CPD is sending him a Chief’s Coin, a CPD patch and other assorted police items. The fire department is also sending a package of assorted items representing the CFD.

Both CPD and CFD wish young Tyler the best birthday ever.

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