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June 2, 2014

City Council member seeks feedback on Honeybee Resolution

Ward 2 City Council Representative Deanna McLauglin is asking for constituent feedback on a pending city resolution.

The resolution pertains to regulating the location of honeybee hives in residential areas. Due to a complaint to Buildings and Codes, the resolution would prohibit having bee hives on Residential Property zoned R1, R1A, R2, R2A, R2D, R3, R4, R5 or R6. 

bee boxesMcLaughlin is seeking feedback from city residents. She advises respondents to first review the State of Tennessee’s regulation on Honey Bee Hives, available at  Residential property tables, on pages 75-76, can be viewed at

Respondents are asked to include the ward they reside in and/or the name of their street. 

The city council will vote on this resolution Thursday evening. 

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