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January 8, 2015

Brr-r-r, but it’s cold!! What to do?

Brr-r-r! But it was blistery Wednesday morning for Clarksville-Montgomery County residents!! Frigid winter weather paid us a visit and decided it liked it here. Talk about unwelcome guests. We’re stuck with this wayward visitor for another 48 hours it seems.

How strange to recall what weather was like on January 4 and then contend with the onslaught that greeted us Wednesday morning. And it’s not over yet! Batten down the hatches folks! We’re in for a patch of nasty cold.

[Photos by Turner McCullough Jr./JazzWaves Imaging. Used with Permission.]

home fire safety-winter monthsFire safety and prevention protocols need to be followed to prevent an uncomfortable situation from becoming a disastrous situation:

  1. Check placement of heaters. Keep them away from restricted airspace and combustible items, such as furniture, papers, drapes and curtains.
  2. Don’t leave burning candles unattended.
  3. Never let children handle matches of lighters.
  4. Kerosine heaters must always have good ventilation and clearance for safe operation.
  5. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to discard the holiday tree. 



Activities to pursue might include

  1. staying indoors, [very advisable.]
  2. reading one or more of those books that you’ve promised you were going read eventually,
  3. cooking up a pot of pinto or navy beans, or a pot of chilli.  Chicken  soup is always good in cold weather,give eggdrop soup a try for something different.
  4. Here’s a novel idea, try writing letters to friends or relatives. Yeah, an actual old fashioned handwritten letter, on paper, with a stamp and envelope for the mailman to pick up.


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