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Bill Summers to present at Young Professionals group

Ward 10 Councilman Bill Summers will be presenting at the Clarksville Young Professionals’ meeting today, Wednesday, June 4.
by News Staff


City Council fails to endorse Civic Park

Since beginning his campaign last November, the redevelopment and growth of downtown Clarksville has been one of Councilor Bill Summers visions and goals.
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Mayoral Candidate Bill Summers endorses “Urban Park” concept for downtown

"I wish to go on the record for being in support of this (urban park) concept as it integrates seamlessly into my Downtown Development Plan, which I announced publicly on Feb. 14, 2014. Such an urban park would generate opportu...
by News Staff


No “overnight” solutions for downtown revitalization

Downtown development has been talked about since “the tornado” (1999) but no clear direction or planning has manifested itself.  Now the Red River Development Corporation has finally found some city support in the ...
by News Staff