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July 14, 2014

Voters League endorse candidates in August election

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The Clarksville-Montgomery County “League Of Voter Empowerment” (L.O.V.E.), a voters club comprised of local residents who meet monthly to discuss politics and the current state of governmental affairs, has announced its endorsements for the August 7 State Primary and County General Election. Early Voting begins August 18.

L.O.V.E. members are all active in the community in a variety of ways; they assemble to discuss issues that affect the community and work toward solutions that might benefit the community as a whole.

“We believe the following group of candidates hold true to our mission statement of “having the best interest of their constituents in mind” and will best represent the people of our nation; state, city and county in the true democracy manner in which this country was built on.” —  Terry McMoore, League president.

Since 2006, the Clarksville-Montgomery County “League Of Voter Empowerment” (L.O.V.E.) has been endorsing and listing candidates that are running unopposed as a show of support and confidence in the candidate. With so many candidates in this year’s election we have decided to discontinue the use of this format in an effort to help stream the voting process.

Clarksville-Montgomery County League Of Voter Empowerment mission statement reads: “We will endorse and vote for the candidates that we believe best support our agenda and we will work to vote out the elected officials that we know do not have the best interest of their constituents in mind.”

L.O.V.E. endorsements include the following:

  • US House of Representatives District: 7 (R) Jacob Brimm
  • US House of Representatives District: 7 (D) Daniel Cramer
  • TN House of Representatives – District: 74 (R) Keith Svadba
  • Circuit Court Judge Part II – Kate Dyer
  • Circuit Court Judge Part III – Ben Dean
  • District Attorney General 19th Judicial District – Joel Wallace
  • Juvenile Court Judge – Merriel Bullock-Neal
  • County Mayor – Carolyn P. Bowers
  • County Commission District 2 – Charles D. Keene
  • County Commission District 3 – Layne Gebers
  • County Commission District 6 – Dalton Harrison
  • County Commission District 7 – Robert D. Lewis
  • County Commission District 12 – Robert G. Nichols
  • County Commission District 13 – Walker Woodruff
  • County Commission District 14 – Tommy J. Vallejos
  • County Commission District 15 – David L. Harper
  • County Commission District 16 – Loretta J. Bryant
  • Assessor of Property – Erinne J. Hester
  • Trustee – Brandi Whitfield Bryant
  • Sheriff – Dexter L. Mines, Sr
  • Register of Deeds – Joe Sweeten
  • School Board District 5 – Jimmie M. Garland

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