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August 8, 2014

Dan Cramer plans Victory Tour

Dan Cramer, candidate for U.S. Representative for 7th District, is planning a “Victory Tour” to every city in his potential district on August 9.

Cramer will be challenging Marsha Blackburn (R) for the 7th District congressional seat in November.

Cramer’s platform includes strong support for the middle class and for national defense; removing federal overreach regarding personal choices, privacy, and liberties; ad reforming taxation.

“I will be setting off to meet voters in every county over the course of one day on Saturday, August 9, just a couple of days after this week’s primary election. Accompanied by my staff on a bus, we will stop for around 15 minutes in each county seat (with a couple exceptions),” Cramer said.

Check the following detailed itinerary to  find which stop is the closest to you.

1.) Clarksville, Tenn. (Montgomery) – Parking lot in front of Montgomery County Court House on S 2nd St – 5:30 AM
2.) Dover (Stewart) – In front of the Stewart County Court house – 6:40
3.) Erin (Houston) – In front of the Houston County Court house – 7:20
4.) Waverly (Humphreys) — In front of the Humphreys County Court house – 8:00
5.) Camden (Benton) — In front of the Benton Court house – 8:40
6.) Parsons (Decatur) – Side parking lot of Parsons City Hall – 9:30
7.) Lexington (Henderson) – In front of the Henderson County Court house – 10:05
8.) Parkers Crossroads (Henderson) – Parkers Crossroads Welcome Center – 10:35
9.) Henderson (Chester) – In front of the Chester County Court house – 11:35
10.) Bolivar (Hardeman) – In front of the Hardeman County Court house – 12:20 PM
11.) Selmer (McNairy) – In front of the McNairy County Court house – 1:00
12.) Savannah (Hardin) – In front of the Hardin County Court house – 1:45
13.) Waynesboro (Wayne) – In front of the Wayne County Court house – 2:35
14.) Lawrenceburg (Lawrence) – In front of the Lawrence County Court house – 3:25
15.) Pulaski (Giles) – In front of the Giles County Court house – 4:05
16.) Columbia (Maury) – In front of the Maury County Court house – 5:00
17.) Hohenwald (Lewis) – In front of the Lewis County Court house – 5:55
18.) Linden (Perry) – In front of the Perry County Court house – 6:30
19.) Centerville (Hickman) – In front of the Hickman County Court house – 7:20
20.) Franklin – 305 Public Square, next to Mellow Mushroom pizza – 8:35

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