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August 4, 2014

Civil Rights leaders partner to provide election protection

The Tennessee Urban Resource Center and its Director  Terry McMoore, in partnership with the Clarksville-Montgomery County NAACP and its President Jimmie Garland, will launch Operation Election Protection for the Montgomery County General Election and the State and Federal Primary during election day on August 7.

Operation Election Protection is part of a national coalition that works throughout the year to break down barriers to the ballot box for traditionally disenfranchised voters. It targets communities traditionally disenfranchised, including African Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, Latinos, Native Americans and other racially and ethnically diverse communities, seniors, young people, low-income voters and individuals with disabilities.

Throughout the Election Day, election protection will have people in place to monitor the polls to ensure everyone is provided the opportunity to cast their vote.

On Election Day, if you should have any questions involving access to the ballot, identification and provisional ballots, location of your  polling place, assistance at the polls for the physically disabled, or any other issues, contact the Election Protection Hotline phone numbers:

  • NAACP President: Jimmie Garland (931) 216-6745
  • Tennessee Urban Resource Center Director: Terry McMoore (931) 378-1999

For faster service visit this link to download The Election Protection Smartphone Mobile App.

Operation Election Protection staff will work to resolve your issue, or if they feel further action is needed,  will file a report on your behalf and forward it on to the proper authorities including the U.S. Department of Justice, with whom they work closely with during this election season.

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