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Free donuts from Dunkin’

Friday, June 5th is National Donut Day and Dunkin’ Donuts will commemorate the holiday by offering guests a free donut* of their choice (while supplies last) with the purchase of any beverage.


The Friends of Fort Defiance gear up for fundraising event

The Friends of Fort Defiance is excited to announce the date for this year’s March to the Past fundraising event: Saturday, June 13 from 10:00am – 5:00pm at the Fort Defiance Civil War Park and Interpretive Center.


Bicycle gift stolen then recovered by CPD officers

Police recover bicycle donated to Clarksville girl.


Kiwanis rodeo brings wild west to Clarksville

The 28th Kiwanis Rodeo opens this weekend with two nights of shows and activities for children of all ages.


White Lightning Mountain Bike Race planned

Endurance-Plus will sponsor the White Lightning mountain bike race Sunday, June 7, at Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area. Online registration will be available at through June 4 at 11 p.m.



Speed Racer

A true test of a cartoon—er, excuse me—anime’s longevity is how well the stories hold up when we return to watch them as adults. As much as I regret saying it, Speed Racer didn’t hold up to that very simple test. It was...
by David W. Shelton


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Their latest collaboration is indeed a success, giving us another chapter in both ancient legends and modern heroes, with a glimpse of a new generation of yet another Jones to take the reins in future films.
by David W. Shelton



The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian has a clear vision of greatness. It’s too bad that it never quite achieves it. It could have been the best film of the year. Instead, it will fade away into obscurity as yet a...
by David W. Shelton


The Incredible Hulk

Even with all its flaws, the smashing emerald dude more than lives up to its paneled past, and smashes open the door that Iron Man cracked: A door to a film world that’s just as big as we comic nerds always hoped for.
by David W. Shelton



In many ways, WALL-E could have turned down the pike of a sappy morality play, but has avoided these pitfalls with clear wit and deliberate storytelling. It’s intelligent, incredibly cute, romantic, and offers a lesson in was...
by David W. Shelton




Wanted could have been just another exercise in mediocrity, but stellar performances by McAvoy, Jolie, and Freeman give the film a much-needed shot in the arm to actually make it enjoyable. It’s not for the faint-of-heart, th...
by David W. Shelton



In a summer where superheroes clearly have staked their territory, Hancock makes the biggest mess of all of them. The weird thing about this mess is that it’s what the film intended. Part superhero movie, part whacked-out the...
by David W. Shelton