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June 10, 2014

Two arrested in investigation of horrific animal cruelty incident

animal control

The death of four puppies in a Clarksville home last week led Sumner County officials to a Cottontown home where 37 bags of animal remains and 39 dogs were seized. Nicole Hulbig, 29, faces four counts of animal cruelty by Montgomery County Animal County Animal Control and eights counts of animal cruelty in SumnerCounty. The woman claimed she was running a non-profit that rescued dogs to be trained as service animals.

Hulbig lives with her mother when she is not at home in Clarksville. Deputies found decomposed dog corpses too degraded to be tested for cause of death. Police were unable to determine exactly how many bodies there were. The living dogs were all in poor condition.

Many of the thirty seven dogs living in the same barn with the corpses were without food and water, leading to the animal cruelty charge. Two more were in a utility room in the home.

Investigation of Hulbig began in Clarksville when a representative from Bil Mace Homes visited a 3300 North Henderson Way home rented by Nicole and Eric  Hulbig  five months ago. The home had become uninhabitable and littered with feces, trash and decomposing dog bodies. Eric Hulbig was arrested on four counts of animal cruelty. A warrant was issued for Nicole Hulbig’s arrest and she was booked into Montgomery County Jail and both she and her husband were released on $4,000 bond.

Damage to the home was estimated at $13,000.

Police are being flooded with calls from around the country by people who say they had placed their dogs in Hulbig’s care and want to know the fate of their dogs.

A few dogs have been reunited with owners but many other owners are walking away disappointed.

Inquiries can can be made by calling 615-452-2616 or

About 35 dogs remain at Sumner County Animal Control and the agency is doing all it can to reunite the pets with their owners. Those not reunited with owners will be placed for adoption.

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