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March 5, 2015

Traffic remains hazardous; APSU & schools to remain closed Friday

The Emergency Operations Center closed at 3 p.m. Main road conditions have improved somewhat; many secondary streets are still treacherous. There have been a five reported crashes in the city in the last eight hours and two crashes in the county for a total of seven.

According to the Clarksville Street Department, the roads throughout the City are extremely hazardous. Street Department employees worked throughout the night and will continue to work around the clock to remove snow from the roadways. They are attempting to clear at least one passable lane on the major roadways first.

CPD is reporting that there is less traffic than usual and the number of accidents has decreased while the number of calls for assistance with disabled vehicles has skyrocketed. Many people are apparently choosing to heed the warnings to stay off the roads, according to CPD.

CTS will continue to operate on snow routes in the morning and buses may be diverted or delayed due to road conditions. As the roads improve, CTS will return to regular routes as soon as possible.

There are no reported power outages. Requests for motorist assistance are still coming in, but at a reduced rate.

Mayor Kim McMillan said in a press release, “I have strongly urged our City employees and the public to use extreme caution if they have to travel and to stay home if at all possible. I have been advised by a majority of the Council members that they will not be able to attend tonight’s meeting due to hazardous road conditions. As a result, no City business will be conducted tonight,” said Mayor McMillan. “We have been advised that traveling continues to be treacherous and the temperatures will continue to drop to single digits, increasing the likelihood of re-freezing streets. If necessary, I will call a Special Session to address business scheduled on the March 5 agenda.”

A decision has not been made about the schedule for City offices tomorrow. Additional information will be made available as soon as possible.

Additional weather-related updates:

All county offices will remain closed on Friday, March 6. Mayor Jim Durrett states, “We still have several roads and parking areas that are a concern and I feel it is in the best interest of the employees and patrons of the county to remain closed another day. I do not take this decision lightly and feel that one more day will make a big difference.” All courts cases scheduled for Friday will be rescheduled.

CMCSS will remained closed on Friday, March 6.

APSU will be closed Friday, March 6, and Saturday, March 7, due to hazardous conditions.This includes Fort Campbell and Springfield campuses. All activities and events are canceled, including proctored tests through the Center for Extended and Distance Education.

Shelters are in place through the City’s community partners and we are confident that there are a sufficient number of beds to address the current need. The Room in the Inn program, the Salvation Army, Buffalo Valley and Urban Ministries continue to coordinate with the City’s Office of Housing and Community Development to provide assistance to people who live in Clarksville and may need shelter assistance. Clarksville Fire Rescue and CPD personnel are also on the lookout for anyone who may need assistance.

A decision has not been made about the schedule for City offices tomorrow. Additional information will be made available as soon as possible.

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