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May 30, 2014

Prevent Theft: Lock your vehicle doors

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Recent reports have been taken by Clarksville Police Department Officers showing that there are vehicle burglaries occurring due to unlocked vehicle doors.

Unlocked vehicle doors make it easy for burglary suspects to get in and out of vehicles quickly without creating a disturbance. The burglary suspects are taking anything they see that is of value, even within various vehicle compartments. The vehicle burglaries do not just occur at businesses but are occurring in residential areas as well.

CPD Pointers to mitigate vehicle burglaries:

  • Park in well-lit and well-traveled areas.
  • Do not leave your purse, wallet, or cellular telephone in your vehicle.
  • If shopping, place purchased items out of sight- preferably a locked trunk.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Some suspects hang out at specific stores with high value items (computers/electronics). They watch for you to make a high value purchase and follow you, anticipating that you will stop at another store. That’s when they make their attack on your vehicle. Keep this in mind when doing your annual Christmas shopping. This is a current and growing trend nationally, among vehicle burglary suspects.


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