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June 26, 2014

Police charge two with felony child abuse and animal cruelty

Clarksville Police responding to a welfare check found an extreme case of abuse, neglect and animal cruelty that resulted in the arrest of a Clarksville couple.

Daniel Kevin Thompson, 33,  and Jessica Dawn Thompson, also 33, of 714 Green Valley Court, will each face one count of felony child abuse, one count of child abuse and neglect, and one count of animal cruelty. Two children were found living in  a home filled with urine and feces, and covered with bug bites. The children, a nine-year-old girl and five-year-old boy were barefoot and covered with bites. Their beds contained feces, which also covered the floors and kitchen. The Department of Children’s Services took custody of the children.

The horrendous living conditions extended to the animals in the feces-filled house, which included eight dogs, five cats, two rabbits, two parakeets, two hamsters, a chicken and a hairless rat. The dogs were in the worst shape.  A Great Dane, whose normal weight should be around 120 pounds, weighed in at just 58 pounds. He was flea bitten and bleeding from his wounds. The animals had little water and no food. Montgomery County Animal Control took all the animals, which has now been signed over to them and put up for adoption.

The dogs include a three-year-old male miniature Pinscher, the four-year-old male Great Dane,  two two-year old Pit bulls (one male and one female),  a one-year-old Brindle male Pit mix, and three Pit mixes (one male and two female). The dogs will need attention from adoptive families who are willing to work to bring their weight up to healthy levels.

The remaining animals are available for adoption and are in better shape than the dogs and will be available through Pet Food Center next to Rural King.


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