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February 17, 2015

County, city offices closed today; driving remains hazardous

UPDATE: Montgomery County Government Offices and all city offices, scheduled to open at 9 a.m. today, will instead remain closed due to increased snowfall overnight causing hazardous road conditions. Critical employees will hear from their supervisors if they need to report.

District One (North Clarksville) started having problems on street surfaces after 3 a.m. with the worst areas listed as Tiny Town Road, any street with a hill, and parts of Fort Campbell Boulevard. District Two reports its most dangerous road conditions as lower Fort Campbell Boulevard and parts of Dover Road. District Three (East Clarksville) officers report streets with hills as difficult to navigate. Residential subdivisions, largely untouched by salt and plows, are proving difficult to travel. Getting in and out of business parking lots is also still a challenge in District Three, as well as other parts of the city.

Drivers should be aware that yesterdays’ snow melt, while very helpful for daylight travel, resulted in standing water all over that quickly froze as soon as the sun went down. Drivers are particularly cautioned about black ice conditions that they probably won’t even detect until they are slip-sliding away. It remains to be seen if sunshine will have the same affect today that it did yesterday.

APSU and CMCSS schools are closed today due to weather.


Montgomery County Government Offices will open at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, February 18, to allow employees extra time to safely travel.

Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett states, “Our employees are our greatest asset and we chose to delay opening tomorrow to give them plenty of time to arrive safely. I urge not only our employees, but all citizens to continue to exercise caution as they travel.”

All courts cases schedule for 9 a.m. and after will resume as scheduled.

Due to continued concern about road conditions, especially in neighborhoods and hilly areas, City of Clarksville offices will open one hour late on Wednesday. City offices will open at 9:00 a.m.

All City employees are encouraged to use their discretion about traveling and should communicate with their Department Heads in the event they cannot travel tomorrow morning. All public safety personnel should report as scheduled.

If additional precipitation accumulates overnight and /or in the morning causing changes in the City’s schedule, you will be notified immediately.

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