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February 24, 2015

CMCSS schools remain closed in Clarksville

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Clarksville-Montgomery County schools remain closed today as secondary roads remain dangerous due to ice and snow from last week’s storm. Staff will report to schools. CMCSS officials were still assessing damage to school buildings.

Main roads throughout Clarksville were clear, but many secondary roads are not. Plows left piles of snow behind as they plowed streets, and those snowbanks have now frozen to solid ice. Many cars unable to access their driveways due to snow and ice have parked on the streets, creating problems for other drivers. School bus drivers were out Monday attempting to navigate bus routes but were unable to do so in a number of neighborhoods.

On Monday teachers did return to school to find some damaged ceilings in wake of snow and ice that have damaged roofs. Damage reports are still filtering in.

Meanwhile, the Street Department is monitoring road conditions on the city’s 650 miles of streets, even though some damage may not reveal itself until spring.

Many private parking lots remained ice covered on Monday, including Tradewinds Plaza on Madison Street and Walmart on Fort Campbell Boulevard. Bus travelers in many areas were standing on ice and navigating small mounds of plowed but now frozen snow.

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