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July 1, 2014

Clarksville Parks and Recreation shows how going OUT is IN


If you’re feeling cramped and like you don’t get to spend enough time outside, you’re not the only one. Nearly three in 10 U.S. adults do not spend time outside on a daily basis and of those who do, almost half spend less than 30 minutes in the fresh air according to a new survey released by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) and conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs. That’s why this July, Clarksville Parks & Recreation and NRPA are challenging everyone to get out and visit their community parks and recreation areas during National Park and Recreation Month.

This year’s theme, “OUT is IN,” encourages individuals, families, friends and coworkers to do something outside everyday that they would normally do inside. From picnicking in the park instead of sitting inside at a table to sending an email or even holding a meeting outside, there are small ways you can make going OUT part of your daily routine. The parks and facilities run by Clarksville Parks & Recreation offer ample opportunities to go OUTside, get INspired, change your OUTlook and get INvolved.

Get-Out-nps-icon_images“You know, Clarksville is  a very diverse community and it’s great to know that so many of our population has access to a diverse variety of parks, greenways and other types of green space outdoors. Our wonderful Blueway, the newly opened North Ford Street Mountain Bike trail, the Greenway, trails, our Riverwalk – all just beckon for Clarkvillian’s to get outdoors. I see many more people these days riding their bikes, walking, jogging, fishing and swimming.  We are becoming healthier by the day and having citizen’s support these projects is vital to the continual development of parks and facilities they desire.  So this month – get outdoors and enjoy!” said Clarksville Parks & Recreation Director, Mark Tummons.

Clarksville Parks & Recreation will celebrate Park and Recreation Month through encouraging the public to get outdoors and visit our parks, sign-up for our programs, and attend our events.

In addition to getting involved in Park and Recreation Month locally, people are encouraged to take the OUT is IN 31-day social media challenge on Twitter and Instagram by posting photos of themselves doing typical inside activities outside with the hashtag #JulyOUTisIN.

To learn more about getting OUTside and INvolved during Park and Recreation Month, visit and

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