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August 19, 2014

Hottest weather of the season expected this week

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Written by: News Staff
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It took a while but Mother Nature is about to deliver the hottest weather of the season this week and into early next week.

Today’s projected high of 92 is about as cool as the daytime temperatures will get, with Saturday being the hottest and the day the temps break the 100 degree mark.

Intellicast is calling for the following daytime highs:

Wednesday: 97
Thursday: 96
Friday: 97
Saturday: 98
Sunday: 100
Monday: 99
Tuesday: 96
Wednesday: 92
The lows will remain in the 70s.

Just how hot the “real feel” heat index will be dependent on the dew point and relative humidity. Unless it remains bone dry for the week, the heat index will pass the century mark.

If you are planning to venture out, take plenty of water and dress for the hot weather in light-colored loose clothing.

Black Clarksville will update this forecast and any heat-related weather alerts as needed.

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