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December 11, 2013

Land Between The Lakes awards $8.5 million, 5-year maintenance contract

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GOLDEN POND, KY: Land Between The Lakes’ $8.5 million, 5-year maintenance contract has been awarded to EnviroSmart, an economically disadvantaged, woman-owned, small business from South Carolina that specializes in facility operations and maintenance, environmental remediation, and program management services. EnviroSmart will begin after the first of the year.

Work requirements on this contract include maintenance of facilities, grounds, roads, and trails; solid waste removal; and water-wastewater services.

“Our contractors serve as part of our overall team to provide great customer service, diversified outdoor recreation opportunities, land management, and environmental education,” said Tina Tilley, Land Between The Lakes Area Supervisor. “We look forward to working with them.”

In addition to a new contractor this next year, visitors to Land Between The Lakes may notice some changes in services.

Like many federal agencies, Land Between The Lakes has made some changes to reduce spending. Prior to release of the bid for this maintenance contract, managers at Land Between The Lakes established substantially reduced services, like less maintenance and upkeep at facilities, and minimum requirements for the contract.

“By changing from weekly maintenance schedules to ‘as needed’ schedules means we can still maintain our quality service and greatly reduce our costs,” Tilley said. “Grounds maintenance requirements have also been reduced, especially during the off-season.”

According to Tilley these new reduced minimums also allow for greater budget flexibility when unexpected expenditures arise.

EnviroSmart has indicated they plan to use local resources for meeting the general maintenance service requirements. As an additional cost savings measure, EnviroSmart plans to strategically utilize facilities throughout Land Between The Lakes for their offices and workshops, reducing the need for a centralized maintenance compound.

Current contracted employees will be given first-right of refusal for job openings with the new contractor at wage rates consistent with the Department of Labor Services Contract Act.

Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area is managed by the Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture. USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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