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March 7, 2015

MidSouth Con gears up for its 33rd year of sci fi fun, fantasy, gaming and more

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In just a few weeks, MidSouth Con 33 will open its door at the Memphis Hilton with a premiere array of science fiction/fantasy programming for all ages. Midsouth’s primary focuses are literacy and education. To that end, MidSouth has held an annual convention in Memphis for over two decades hosting numerous authors, editors, scientists, and artists. They also hold a free writers’ conference with workshops by award winning authors and editors.

Among the headliners for the event are:

* Special Guest of HonorToastmaster: MidSouthCon 33 Toastmaster Frank Tuttle is a fantasy author with numerous Darrell Awards, which are a lot more fun to hang on the wall than outstanding arrest warrants.

* Author Guest of Honor: Cory Doctorow, a science fiction novelist, blogger and technology activist

* Artist Guest of Honor: Melissa Gay is an artist in the Nashville area

* Gaming Guest of Honor: Shane Hensley started writing for West End Games’ Torg line in 1992, then went on to work on everything from roleplaying games to computer games, novels, collectible card games, and miniature games

* Science Guest of Honor: Ethan was born in New York City as the son of a Jewish postal worker. He did his undergrad at Northwestern, taught public school in Houston, Texas and Los Angeles, California, before moving to Florida, where he got his PhD in theoretical astrophysics at the University of Florida.

* Comic Guest of Honor: One of the most popular artists working comics today, Ethan Van Sciver is best known for his work on the mini series that brought back Hal Jordan, GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH.

star wars 1

* Costuming Guest of Honor: Dragon Dronet. At the age of ten, Dragon Dronet won a year-long scholarship to the Renaissance School of Art in Oakland, California.

* Editing Guest of Honor: When editor and author Elizabeth Donald was six years old, her mother took away the Berenstein Bears books and gave her a box full of old Nancy Drew hardbacks. The rest is literary history.

* Special Guest of Honor: Santiago Cirilo, seen on the first episodes of “The Walking Dead.”


In addition to the featured guest, MidSouth offers panels comprised of guests who are experts in their fields of interest. The schedule includes five or six panels that start on the hour, every hour from 9 a.m. to midnight. From jewelry making to costuming, from writing to comic illustration, from gaming to science, it’s hard not to find something that piques your interest.

The full weekend includes a masquerade, an art show and a charity auction.

MidSouthCon 33 will be held March 20 – 22 at the Hilton Memphis, 939 Ridgelake Blvd Memphis. Tickets are $50/adult, $25/children ages 6-12, and children under five free.

MidSouthCon is presented by Mid-South Science and Fictions Conventions Inc. a non-profit type 501(c)(3) Corporation. Donations are welcome (and are tax deductible).

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