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June 11, 2014

School Board okays revisions to student “Code of Conduct”

The Montgomery County School Board unanimously voted to approve revisions to the student code of conduct for 2014-15.

In keeping with issues such as technology and bullying,  the board moved to change their policies on bullying, harassment, intimidation and hazing to keep policy in line with state law. They also followed state law in deeming aggravated assault on a teacher or school staff member a zero tolerance offense.

The board also moved t change technology policy on the use of electronic devices. Such devices can be confiscated and searched if used on the internet for any illegal, offensive or unethical reason. They also added a policy regarding student email that is used inappropriately and made such email subject to review by authorized personnel at any time.

In addition, the board moved to make cell phone use only for games and music, with one ear unobstructed.

Clothing policy did not emerge unchanged. Some changes were made in policies regarding leggings, holes in clothing and head gear worn on school buses.

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