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July 26, 2014

Reading profiency scores still rank below 50%

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Though Tennessee students made gains in grade and subject-level tests, they failed to make any headway in reading. It is an area of concern because reading proficiency is required in students  if they are to be successful in college or post-high school education.

High school registered the highest gains, improving on five of the seven tests administered.  Grades 3-8 remained steady or showed slight gains.

Reading remains a concern, with 49.5 percent of student classified as proficient. It’s an improvement over 2010 scores, which were an abysmal 44 percent competent. Reading, though, is the core of all other subjects: history, science, math, social studies, civics, government.  If you can’t read, you can’t compete.

While officials are lauding the 49.5 as justification for the Tennessee Promise and Drive to 55 programs, one has to wonder why just under half of the state’s  students are having difficulty reading. For students just graduating high school, college is not the time or place to be in a remedial reading class. What would happen if students whole failed reading proficiency were held back?

The state has also postponed the new testing standards and will retain TCAP for another year.



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