We’re proud to share a special section on the Great Flood of 2010 in this issue – Of course, there’s still plenty of content featuring Business, Arts, and Heritage! Be sure to look for this issue at our more than 300 distributors throughout  Clarksville, Dover, Paris, and Oak Grove — WHILE THEY LAST!


  • Hawk Advertising: Young Ideas with a bird’s eye view
  • Business intelligence: Not just for the big guys
  • More than just a name: Mike Parchman continues legacy of timeless compassion
  • Unique Men’s Wear
  • Sweet Repeats
  • Imagine Media Solutions launches small press

Special Section: The Great Flood of 2010

  • Great flood overview
  • Stewart County: Fighting the inevitable
  • Houston County: Long road to recovery
  • Photo galleries
    • Community meetings
    • Woodstock
    • Mobilizing volunteers
    • Picking up the pieces
    • What flood?


  • Downtown dining luxury at Edward’s Steakhouse
  • A Glimpse into The Looking Glass
  • The colorful world of Kohana
  • Downtown dining luxury at Edward’s Steakhouse


  • Scouting for Eagles
  • Operation Turnaround: Restoring Lives (and a really cool car)
  • Photo Essay: LBL Nature Center