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Pandemic Flu guidelines issued by TN Education Department

NASHVILLE, TN: The Tennessee Department of Education has recently developed, with support and guidance from the Tennessee Department of Health, a pandemic influenza preparedness planning guide for school districts that includes...
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Assistance may be available for flood victims

State Representative Joe Pitts said Tuesday that state officials are looking at possible assistance for those who have sustained significant damage to their homes and do not have flood insurance. Since Montgomery County has app...
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Erin readies for holiday celebrations

'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever' highlights holiday events in Erin.
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“Significant” snow, some icing zeroes in on Tennessee

Clarksville and all of north middle Tennessee are bracing for the kind of snowfall that many locals say “we just don’t have anymore” or “we haven’t had in years.” With the National Weather Se...
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Houston County TEMA office opens Friday

TEMA has just verified that the Mobile Disaster Recovery Center will open at the Erin City Hall in Houston County on Friday, May 21, at noon. They are scheduled to be at this location for seven days. Houston County has been dec...
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I-40 in Tennessee ranked “best road in nation”

NASHVILLE, TN: At 455 miles in length, Tennessee is home to the longest stretch of Interstate 40 in nation and, for the fourth straight year, the nation’s truckers have rated it the best stretch of roadway in America.  I...
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“Between the Barrels” comes to Waverly Central

TDOT brings its teen driver safety program to Humphreys County high school students. Assisted by Tennessee Highway Patrol personnel, TDOT will show 624 Waverly Central High School students their "Between the Barrels" presentati...
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