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Flooding closes McClure Street bridge; Riverside Drive remains underwater

Due to the record flooding in Montgomery County, several roads and bridges have been closed. McClure Street was closed as of 8:00 p.m. last night.The County has also released school and court closure information. Montgomery Cou...
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CPD clarifies “curfew” issue

Jim Knoll, public information officer for the Clarksville Police Department, has issued the following  clarification regarding the city’s curfew during the flooding emergency: “The city still has a curfew in effect...
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Nine days later, many Woodstock homes remain cut off by floodwater

As the Cumberland River recedes, most sections in the greater Clarksville area are well into the recovery phase. Many homes in Woodstock Estates in north Clarksville, though not on the river, have been hard hit by accumulating ...
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FEMA Disaster Recovery Center to close in Montgomery County

The Disaster Recovery Center (FEMA), located at the Montgomery County Civic Hall will be closing on Saturday, June 12. SBA will be moving over to the training room, next to the Trustee’s Office in Veterans Plaza for another w...
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Road openings and closings (UPDATED)

(UPDATED 9:50 a.m. 5/11) As of today, all city roads and bridges are open, including Riverside Drive. County Roads & Bridges that are CLOSED: Levi Road in the Bottoms Lylewood Road in the Bottoms Powers Place Road River Roa...
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Clarksville-Montgomery County Health Dept

Cleaning up: Health and safety guidelines

The Montgomery County Health Department has free Tetanus and Hepatitis A vaccines available for anyone who was involved in water related rescue and evacuation activities. The Tennessee State Heath Department was listed as o...
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Houston County contends with flood impact

Houston County continues to untangle itself from the aftermath of the Cumberland River Flood. In a significant development, FEMA has declared Houston County a major disaster area, making the county eligible for both public and ...
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