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High water, strong currents pose continued risk for drowning

Parents, child care providers must remain vigilant, know children’s whereabouts NASHVILLE: With several schools systems closed following flooding in the state, the Tennessee Department of Health issues an urgent call to paren...
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Housing search assistance available to flood victims

Landlords urged to list available units immediately NASHVILLE, TN: Many Tennesseans have been displaced from their homes after heavy rains swelled the Cumberland River and other Tennessee waterways. To help these displaced resi...
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Commission cautions, “used cars may have flood damage”

In the aftermath of flooding throughout the state, the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission is encouraging consumers to be cautious when buying used cars. The commission said in a news release that scam artists may try to sell ca...
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Update: Cumberland flood waters breach Riverside Drive

Eerie silence, heavy fog and the whisper of rolling water lent a surreal atmosphere to the Riverside Drive area late Sunday evening. In the two Rivers Mall Parking lot, flood waters had overtaken a U.S. Bank ATM machine, and a ...
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With the worst yet to come, Dover, Stewart County brace for disaster

In Dover, it’s all about community, and how the community responds to crisis. Dover has the winning hand, as evidenced by the outpouring of residents and businesses for a massive sandbagging effort to stave off flooding o...
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City releases preliminary flood damage report

Christie Hill, communications director for the city of Clarksville released a preliminary report of the damage from the flood that impacted the region this week. The report indicates only real properties that were damaged or de...
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Waste water treatment plant repair “may cost $20-30 million”

The firm of Hazen and Sawyer, environmental engineers and scientists, is spearheading the cleanup and recovery operation at the waster water treatment facility, a clean-up that City Councilor Bill Summers has indicated “m...
by News Staff