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FEMA Disaster Recovery Center to close in Montgomery County

The Disaster Recovery Center (FEMA), located at the Montgomery County Civic Hall will be closing on Saturday, June 12. SBA will be moving over to the training room, next to the Trustee’s Office in Veterans Plaza for another w...
by News Staff


“Sidewalk Sale” salvages Hardware City

Hardware City, recently voted the number one hardware store in Clarksville, has partially re-opened after the flood that devastated Clarksville. The store is currently hosting a “Sidewalk Sale” where all salvageable...
by Samantha J. Kanatzar



Waste water treatment plant repair “may cost $20-30 million”

The firm of Hazen and Sawyer, environmental engineers and scientists, is spearheading the cleanup and recovery operation at the waster water treatment facility, a clean-up that City Councilor Bill Summers has indicated “m...
by News Staff


Houston County TEMA office opens Friday

TEMA has just verified that the Mobile Disaster Recovery Center will open at the Erin City Hall in Houston County on Friday, May 21, at noon. They are scheduled to be at this location for seven days. Houston County has been dec...
by News Staff


Emergency Food Stamp Program extended one week

The Emergency Food Stamp Program in Tennessee has been extended one week in an effort to continue providing flood victims the opportunity to access one-time emergency cash and food stamps. The federal program was extended in 14...
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Hazardous materials require proper disposal

As business owners and residents continue the process of flood recovery, county officials want to remind them that all  electronics that were affected by the flood are now considered hazardous waste and need to be properly dis...
by News Staff


FEMA, SBA establish headquarters at Civic Hall

With Montgomery and surrounding counties now deemed disaster areas, two resources offering assistance have temporarily taken over come county office space, centralizing services and resources for flood victims. One hundred mill...
by News Staff