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The case for cursive writing

Cursive writing requires us to think think before we write, to ponder the meaning of words in a quest to find the right words and put them to paper.
by News Staff


Opinion: Low voter turnout is “shameful”

By the time polls closed on August 7, Election Day, a meager 8,105 people cast votes in one of the biggest fields since 2006. Add that to the 11,906 people who voted in the early voting period, and just 20,011 people took advan...
by News Staff



CAPs’ Marshall Fitz ridicules GOP immigration reform intransigence

The inaction of House Republicans has come at a heavy cost to American families, communities, and the economy. To date, the House's failure to pass immigration reform has cost our nation more than $13.5 billion. President Obama...
by News Staff


Merriel Bullock-Neal receives Unity Day Award

Dr. Merriel Bullock-Neal, candidate for Juvenile Court Judge, received this year's Unity Day Award for Community Service.
by News Staff


June 21, at last the Summer Solstice arrives!

. With the advent of our own marina, boaters have the option of cruising on the Cumberland to stops like Palmyra, Cumberland City or Dover. Discover the region by waterway and see Montgomery County from an entirely new perspect...
by News Staff



Lincoln Homes party was “not a block party”

It's been called a block party by media. That's a lie. A block party assumes that all the people on the block are participants. This was not the case in Lincoln Homes Friday night. This was a private graduation party that usurp...
by News Staff


“Dwonna Know What I Think?”

It’s an enormous step, coming out as the person you’ve always been. Part of coming out is explaining that very fact to the people who love and care about you. You are still the person they’ve always known and loved.
by Dwonna Goldstone