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LBL reports Fall/Winter wildlife refuge lake closures

The western one-third of Energy Lake is closed as a refuge from November 1 to March 15. All of Energy Lake and Bards Lake are closed to hunting; ...
by News Staff


LBL’s Fenton Campground closed indefinitely

Land Between The Lakes closed Fenton Campground for camping until further notice. The emergency decision came after assessing the damage from the storm that passed through the area Friday morning, April 4.
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New online permit sales for Land Between The Lakes

With the completion of recent technical upgrades to the Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area's camping and reservation system, permits will now be available for purchase online.
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TVA clears rights-of-way at LBL

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) contractor clearing electrical transmission line right-of-ways in Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area will be entering the Wranglers Campground area in Trigg County, Kentucky thi...
by News Staff


Golden Pond Planetarium schedules holiday shows

The Golden Pond Planetarium and Observatory will host a series of events from December 1-23 including special holiday season shows.
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LBL to host Drag Boat races

The Kentucky Drag Boat Association will host drag boat races at Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area in Pisgah Bay on Kentucky Lake June 7-8, July 5-6, and August 2-3, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
by News Staff


Replanting Daffodils begins at Land Between the Lakes

A volunteer work day is scheduled for Saturday, November 15, to plant over 700 bulbs. The two areas identified for people to return the daffodils on their own during the November 1 through 23 timeframe will be marked with orang...
by News Staff