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Got a minute on Memorial Day?

Here it is again, Memorial Day!  Once again, the summer holiday season gets underway with the arrival of the Memorial Day weekend extravaganza. The commercial rush is everywhere. Car sale pitches, bedding sales, home appliance...
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Civil War artifacts to be on display at the Fort Defiance Interpretive Center

Artifacts from the American Civil War, such as weapons, accoutrements, and personal items from the average soldier will be on display at the Fort Defiance Interpretive Center, located at 120 Duncan Street, April 12 from 10 a.m....
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Epic series spotlights African-American role in Civil War

Civil War: The Untold Story is a visually stunning and absorbing new 5-hour documentary series that breaks new ground by examining the war through the lens of the Western Theater - battles in the strategic lands between the App...
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Tuskagee Airmen Flight Instructor honored in USPS Commemorative stamp

Referred to as the Father of Black Aviation, Chief Flight Instructor of the prestigious Tuskegee Airmen C. Alfred “Chief” Anderson, will immortalized on a stamp tomorrow, March 13 in a 1 p.m. ceremony at Bryn Mawr College.
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National Gallery of Art commemorates 75th anniversary Marian Anderson Recital

The National Gallery of Art celebrates the 75th anniversary of Marian Anderson's 1939 Lincoln Memorial Recital. The same Steinway Grand Piano of that concert will be used in the Feb. 23 free concert observing National African A...
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National Trust calls for nominations of African-American endangered sites

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is recognizing the importance of preserving black history by calling for nominations of endangered African American sites for its 27th annual list of America’s 11 Most Endangered ...
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Fort Defiance to commemorate the surrender of Clarksville

Once Ft. Defiance and the city fell, there was nothing to stop Union gunboats from capturing Nashville, which was the first Confederate state capital to fall to the North.
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