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TSI offers free photovoltaic training course in Chattanooga

Free Solar Photovoltaic Technology Training Course to be offered in Chattanooga. Six-day course begins June 6 at Tennessee Career Center at Chattanooga
by News Staff


Nissan LEAF SL buyers eligible for rebates

Tennessee Nissan LEAF SL buyers are still eligible for state and federal purchase rebates.
by News Staff



Apple iPad: hands-on

Using the Apple iPad is just as intuitive and magical as its advertising claims.
by David W. Shelton


Aereo streaming TV service future darkens with Supreme Court ruling

As a result of the ruling, Aereo founder Chet Kanojia sent an email message to subscribers Saturday morning stating the case would return to the lower court. Aereo also informed subscribers that operations would be suspended te...
by News Staff


ECOtality deploys Blink® commercial charging stations in Tennessee

Congressman Jim Cooper noted: “After one hundred years of gas stations, the first electric car stations are coming. We need alternatives like this to foreign oil.”
by News Staff



Tennessee Solar Institute opens 2nd round of grant requests

A second round of requests for application to the Tennessee Solar Institute's Solar Installation Grant Program will open August 15.
by News Staff


Apple TV revamps ‘hobby’

New TV device works with iTunes, and allows the user to stream music, videos, and photos from any computer on the network, for a greatly-reduced price.
by David W. Shelton