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Local business owner kicks off colorful fundraiser

If you are seeing pink, you are in the right place -- to make a donation to Breast Cancer Awareness.
by News Staff


McDonald’s opens it 9th Clarksville location

If you think there's a McDonald's around every corner, you might be right. The newest addition to the McDonald's family is located on Tiny Town Road, an area that has seen spectacular growth over the past few years.
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Cook Out Restaurant opens in Clarksville

Cook Out, located at Two Rivers behind Taco Bell, is the newest chain restaurant to move into the city's business scene.
by News Staff


Logan’s Roadhouse hosts fundraiser for Feed America First

Logan’s Roadhouse is inviting area residents to visit select Middle Tennessee and northern Alabama locations for a community fundraising event on Tuesday, July 22. As part of its ongoing Raise the Steaks fundraising program,...
by News Staff


Dr. Joel Sharow schedules Open House for new Next Generation Dentist office

Dr. Joel Sharow will host a Ribbon Cutting, July 9th at 10:30 a.m. for his new location at 2120 Murfreesboro Pike, which opened on May 28, and the new practice name, Next Generation Dentists. An Open House will follow at 12 p...
by News Staff



CEMC earns green certification

The latest business to complete requirements for Clarksville-Montgomery County Green Certification and host a Green Ribbon Cutting is Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation (CEMC).
by News Staff


Dental Bliss welcomes new staff members

Dental Bliss welcomes three new staff members to their Hermitage office.
by News Staff