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Step back in time at Vermont Country Store

Lifebuoy soap. Hobnail cotton bedspreads. Evening in Paris perfume. Tangee lipstick. Watertight icebags. Yesterday’s products — still popular — can be found in the pages of Vermont Country Store’s catalo...
by News Staff


Weekend Destination: Georgia Aquarium and “Sea Monsters Revealed”

Sea Monsters Revealed: Aquatic Bodies uses the revolutionary polymer preservation technique commonly known as plastination to bring real sea animals onto dry land for an up-close look at these mysterious and compelling aquatic ...
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Join in ‘Downtown Paris Week’ celebrations

Dine Downtown Day celebrates the eateries of downtown Paris. On a day when many local restaurants are closed, the downtown kitchens are hopping places.
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We’re off to see the wizards…of Diagon Alley!

What child (of any age) doesn't love Harry Potter?
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APSU’s Alumni Travel program eyes England, Costa Rica

Dr. Mickey Wadia visits England several times a year to teach study abroad classes on Shakespeare, and this summer, local travelers will get to take advantage of his extensive knowledge of the area as he hosts an APSU Alumni Tr...
by News Staff