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Christmas Cookie Bake-off this Saturday at Christmas on the Cumberland

The Christmas Cookie Bake-Off, which was once a feature of Downtown for the Holidays, is now part of Christmas on the Cumberland. Bakers of all skill levels are encouraged to bake their favorite holiday treat and submit their e...
by News Staff


P’body’s opens on Riverside Drive

If you're in search of a great new place to dine, look no further than P'bodys on Riverside Drive.
by News Staff



White sauce: a new twist for BBQ Chicken thighs

What says "4th of July Celebration" better than a perfectly cooked grilled chicken? Try adding this flavorful white sauce as garnish to your grilled chicken and reap the compliments.
by News Staff


“Chocolate Affair” scheduled at Wilma Rudolph Center

Local and national businesses are teaming up to offer Clarksville's 2nd Annual Chocolate Affair, scheduled to take place Saturday, February 8 at the Wilma Rudolph Event Center.
by News Staff


Vendors sought for “A Chocolate Affair”

Parks and Recreation is accepting vendor applications Parks and Recreations for “A Chocolate Affair,” which will be held on February 7 .
by News Staff



When a simple apple goes Gourmet…

Mrs. Prindable’s gourmet apples are a far cry from the simple caramel apples most people remember from childhood. Instead, these are true works of art. Chocolatiers handcraft them during a meticulous, 11-step process involvin...
by News Staff


‘Slow Cooking’ revives a time-tested cooking style

In his new cookbook, Cooking Slow, author/chef Andrew Schloss gives us recipes for "slowing down and cooking more." Delicious home cooking is the cornerstone of gracious living, and nothing makes that easier than the six simple...
by News Staff