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August 2, 2010

“Smart Growth” plan website goes live

As a follow up to the presentation of the Clarksville SMART GROWTH Plan 2030 presentation that took place on July 23, the first phase of the plan’s website went live on July 30. The website serves as the Plan Report and is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

SMART GROWTH Plan 2030 is subtitled “a Blueprint for Progress & Quality … as we grow to 250,000 residents.” Combining the work of a multi-disciplinary planning team plus the input of 200 citizen volunteers, the plan presents a vision for the city of Clarksville, including artistic renderings, potential projects, economic considerations and implementation steps to achieve major priorities.

Phase one of the website includes full reports prepared by 11 committees of local residents who volunteered their time over a seven week period to research, prepare and deliver plans and recommendations in the form of more than 150 pages of manuscripts and visuals. A resource section lists 65 existing plans developed over the past 20 years that were compiled and reviewed in the development of SMART GROWTH Plan 2030.

A key component of phase one of the website is the Executive Summary, which encapsulates the plan’s visionary “Opportunity Zones” – potential projects spread throughout 10 areas of Clarksville.

Additional content to be added soon includes detailed information about each of the 10 Opportunity Zones and an Implementation Plan with key steps and timelines for priority projects.

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