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June 15, 2010

Shoney’s: Back from the flood, better than ever

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Written by: News Staff
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It's A Whole New Shoney's!

Surveying the crowd at Shoney’s on Riverside Drive, one would never know a flood had ever happened, much less closed this popular restaurant for several weeks while a total clean-up and retooling took place.

Shoney’s, located at the corner of Riverside Drive and North Second Street, opened today for the first time since early May flooding inundated the Riverside business district. The restaurant, a tradition among Clarksville businesspeople and residents alike, had a busy breakfast business and by noontime was working a full house for their popular luncheon buffet, and patrons were enthusiastic about the re-opening and the new look inside and outside.

New seating arrangement greets returning customers

With the exception of the meeting room at the back of the eatery, the interior has been reconfigured. A new buffet stands separate from the dining area and has nearly double the circulation space of the original for diners perusing the entrees, soups, and salad bar. The length of the restaurant has assorted booths and tables, including additional seating where the old buffet used to sit.

New air-conditioning systems and the addition of multiple ceiling fans keep the dining room cool and patrons comfortable. The walls have been repainted in a light neutral hue, and new lighting creates a comfortable ambiance.

The exterior of Shoney’s was completely revamped and repainted; the interior fixtures and equipment are all new. Interior and exterior double  doors feature handles designed as a swirling vibrant red “S.”

Shoney’s “now open” banners are the latest to be displayed in the Historic  Riverside District. People noticed. And came back by the dozens for everything from the meatloaf to  ice tea, for the ice cream cake and the strawberry pie.

Photos by Turner McCullough Jr.

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