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November 19, 2013

Higi, Publix complete partnership rollout

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Chicago, IL: Today, higi, a consumer-centric health engagement company, completed its yearlong rollout with Publix Pharmacy, deploying over 920 higi Stations in Publix Pharmacies across Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina, with a remaining few to be unveiled at new stores by the end of 2013. Customers and app users can now visit any Publix Pharmacy to capture their weight, BMI, pulse and blood pressure in order to incorporate the data into the higi app along with the lifestyle and community functions, ultimately increasing their higi Score.

higi“We are excited that customers in more than 920 Publix locations will now be able to measure their personal body data through the higi Station and integrate them into the app,” said Dr. Khan Siddiqui, President and Chief Technology Officer. “Our main goal is to help regular people play an active role in their personal health and well-being. Through the unique three pillar higi Score, we want to increase awareness that health isn’t just your body mass index or blood pressure: Complete wellness is also dependent on lifestyle and community factors. By making all three components easy to track, we hope the higi Score inspires people to make small, everyday lifestyle improvements that can add up to better overall wellness.”

“Through our partnership with higi, we will promote a holistic approach to wellness to our customers and associates alike,” said Maria Brous, director of media and community relations at Publix. “Our pharmacy customers look to Publix to provide them with the necessary tools to fully engage in all aspects of their health. Our commitment to improving the overall health and wellness of our customers and associates can be seen through this new relationship.”

The higi Stations will encourage people—health fanatics and couch potatoes alike—to approach personal health from a broader perspective by focusing on lifestyle choices and community interactions along with standard aspects like diet and exercise. The tools produce a higi Score between one and 999, generated by a proprietary algorithm that measures a person’s body stats, social engagement and personal interactions. In addition to engaging with their Score at higi Stations, higi users can also use the mobile app and higi website, which provide wellness-related content and activity tracking tools.

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