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October 9, 2013

Weekend Destination: Georgia Aquarium and “Sea Monsters Revealed”

The Georgia Aquarium is a perfect weekender destination for a fall getaway.

The Georgia Aquarium has  introduces its first new touring exhibition in nearly two years, Sea Monsters Revealed: Aquatic Bodies. This extraordinary exhibition of the world’s largest plastinated sea creatures makes its public debut at Georgia Aquarium on September 27, unveiling a unique look at the mystery and magic of the deep sea.

Sea Monsters Revealed: Aquatic Bodies uses the revolutionary polymer preservation technique commonly known as plastination to bring real sea animals onto dry land for an up-close look at these mysterious and compelling aquatic creatures.

aquarium 1-001The new exhibition invites guests to see both outside and inside the bodies of the most remarkable and elusive aquatic life ever discovered – deemed ‘sea monsters’ centuries ago by early oceanic explorers – and helps guests understand how these animals were designed for the deep. It includes a 6-foot-wide devil ray, a 15-foot-long mako shark and quite notably, an 18-foot-long, 3,000 pound whale shark. Many, including both the ray and whale shark, are species of which living examples can be viewed in Georgia Aquarium’s permanent habitats. All specimens in the exhibition are authentic, stunning examples of the mysteries which lie under the surface and beyond the shoreline.

aquarium 4-001

“We always seek to educate our guests, enhance our current offerings and set a new standard with our traveling exhibits. We believe Sea Monsters Revealed: Aquatic Bodies will lead our guests to better understand and appreciation of the creatures which inhabit the oceans,” said David Kimmel, Georgia Aquarium President and CEO.

“The oceans are Earth’s last frontier. Scientists have explored only five percent of its mysteries, leaving the remaining 95 percent to the imagination. This exhibition takes visitors on a journey of exploration in search of animals once considered to be sea monsters,” said the exhibition’s creator John Zaller. “The creatures in this exhibition are so massive, so impressive, and so magical, that you truly have to experience it to grasp its impact and importance.”

More than 18 full-body sea creatures will be on display, along with more than 150 individual organs and smaller specimens that define the life of the sea—all of which were carefully recovered in accordance with the highest animal protection standards.

The exhibition’s scenic elements lead guests through the history of humanity’s fascination with the ocean via an interactive map table and lessons from the earliest explorers. Guests will also have the opportunity to descend to the depths of the ocean floor to walk among giants of the deep.

Access to Sea Monsters Revealed: Aquatic Bodies is included in admission with the purchase of a Total Ticket. For more information, visit Sea Monsters Revealed: Aquatic Bodies or call 404-581-4000.

The Georgia Aquarium is located in downtown Atlanta across from Centennial Olympic Park at 225 Baker Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30313. Phone: 404.581.4000. The official Georgia Aquarium parking deck operates 1,600 safe, secure, and well-lit spaces attached to the Georgia Aquarium. Covered and rooftop parking is available. If you are driving, use this address for a more direct route to Georgia Aquarium parking: 357 Luckie Street, NW Atlanta, GA 30313

Georgia Aquarium is open 365 days a year. Please note that hours of operation do vary.

Regular Hours
Sunday – Friday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m

Check their website for specific information and ticket prices.

For your convenience, you can pay for parking online, at the Aquarium ticket booths, member’s entrance or information desk. Please remember to bring your parking ticket with you when you leave your vehicle.
Please note that the entrance to the Aquarium is a short walk outdoors underneath a covered walkway.

Additional information on accommodations for a weekend stay in Atlanta are available on the Aquarium website.



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