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April 13, 2014

Trespass Gallery holds grand opening

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Written by: News Staff
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Good things come is small packages. Trespass Gallery is one of those packages.

Trespass, located at 139 A Franklin Street on the corner of North Second Street,  opened its doors at 10 a.m. yesterday and by 10:01 a.m. the first visitors were coming through the doors. Trespass is a modestly sized gallery with a stunning collection of modern art by artists from around the globe.

For owner and artist Vince Herrera, a transplant from Miami, FL to Clarksville, the gallery is a dream fulfilled.


Tempest by Alec Stewart

Herrera, who has a history of street art in his past, at one point painted  on concrete in the streets of Miami. “People would pick up a piece of concrete and carry it away,” he recalls.  His own art is a mix of nontraditional and modern art, outdoor pieces of street art and more traditional (but still modern and conceptional) on canvas. He brings that sense of wonder to his gallery in the work of the artists now exhibiting in his gallery.

Upon walking through the doors of this new art space, visitors to this first exhibit are greeted with an unusual garden, a large square space filled with layers of pennies. From the pennies emerges a series of single barbed wire stems and brilliant flowers. This garden, an installation piece called Tactical Flower, was created by AK Llamas and can be purchased as a full  garden or broken up into  2X2 foot sections. Installation is included in the sale price.

Alec Stewart created two stunning portraits — Stormy and Tempest — in aerosol on wood. Both depict faces and floral work to sensual effect.

Herrera’s own work, The War Within, is a mixed media that speaks to the aftermath of war.


Smoke Signals by J. C. Bravo

In a touch of whimsy, Monique Lassooij revisits the Despicable Me characters — namely, the Minions — in a unique series of portraits.

Devil Got My Woman  by Charles Bennett is a stunning portrait

An visitors can Follow the Yellow Brick Road, painted on a car door. The Oz characters  are beautifully and vividly rendered (and accompany the Oz exhibit at the nearby Customs House Museum).

Engrenage, in tones of black, whites, and a rust tones, is a modern study of form and figure, with a dreamlike quality that is highly evocative.

Three of J.C. Bravo’s “big nose” paintings, set side by side on a single wall,  bring a sense of humor to the showing. Each of these close-up captures a particular character with the exaggerated “nose” — the artists trademark. One can’t help but smile at each interpretation, including a superman with kryptonite and another called Smoke Signals.

There is more to be seen, more to be savored, and more to provoke  thought.

“I wanted to create a gallery where artists we believe in could have a chance to show their work to the world in a formal setting,” said Vince Herrera.

More than an exhibiting space, Trespass Gallery seeks to give back, both locally and globally via various educational and charitable initiatives.

Additionally, the gallery plans to donate 10% of its profits to a charitable cause each quarter. The first charity is Water Is Life which provides clean drinking water and filtering straws to families in Africa.

For more information, visit the Trespass Gallery website.


Devil Got My Woman by Charles Bennett



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