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August 29, 2013

Tess Lankovich shines at Silke’s ‘Evening with the Artist’

Nearly everyone in Clarksville with any hankering for art is familiar with Silke’s Old World Breads and Bakery bi-monthly Saturday after-hours artist showcase, ‘Evening with The Artist. August 17 was the latest installment of this Clarksville special event and the featured artist is Tess Marites Lankovich.

Silke’s 1214 College Street parking lot was filled with art devotees and fans of Ms Lankovich who came out to celebrate this honor for the Clarksville artist with the big smile and warm heart.  Tess greeted guests as they entered the cafe and showed them her latest themed project,’Indefinite and Definite Creation of Boats’, along with samples of her ‘Birds of the Seasons’ artwork. Her infectious smile won over anyone new to her artwork or her personally. The imagery within her artwork speaks for itself, capturing the viewer and offering to transport them to a different space and moment of time.

The staff at Silke’s are old hands now at the ‘Evening With the Artist’ gatherings as their skilled presentation of the famed ‘Silke’s Buffet’ demonstrated. The platters of assorted breads, cheeses and meats were served up in bountiful slices, fresh and ready to sandwich making. Garnishes and dressings made the completion easy. Not to be forgotten, the renown Silke’s Italian pizzas also were offered, and quickly disappeared each time. Sharing their table were the pastry offerings in decorative baskets, filled to the brim. Choose your beverage and you were set to mingle with guests and make new friends as the evening passed on. The magic of these happenings is the free flowing movement that allows the guests to view the works decorating the walls of this most unique ‘Old Europe’ bakery right here in Clarksville.

Guests enjoy Silke's ambiance

Guests enjoy Silke’s ambiance

The inherent ambiance of Silke’s fosters a natural environment that invites guests to take note of the imagery surrounding them on the walls. The Red River Breeze performed their blend of celtic and Old World music which lent a warm and comfortable air to the evening’s gathering. Ms Lankovich’s chosen medium for this showcase is paintings. Her use of mixed media, acrylic, oils and textures yields some very impressive results. The ‘Indefinite & Definite Creations of Boats’ is evocative and mesmerizing. Her showcase is available for viewing through September.

The evening flowed smoothly as some seventy-five guests filled the cafe tables with warm banter and laughter. Along with showcasing her artwork, Ms Lankovich presented special gifts of her artwork as appreciation to some of her supporters and friends she has made along the way. She also acknowledged her parents and Silke Tyler for their  support with works of art. This was followed by drawings for door prizes. The festive atmosphere was topped off with the  celebration of Mark Griggs’ 90th birthday.

Whether it be for a breakfast meal, lunch or early afternoon escape, Silke’s offers the opportunity to engage in art appreciation and inspiration. Well worth the time diversion to enrich the soul. Tess Lankovich will impress you.

[Photos by Turner McCullough Jr./JazzWaves Imaging Solution]

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