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July 10, 2013

T.A.L. helps YMCA After School Arts Program yield good fruit

A treasured carryover from the Broadway location is the T.A.L.’s Poston Gallery. This gallery space, now known as ‘The Poston’ is given over to Open Arms Care Corporation’s unique art program- Artistic Realization Technologies A.R.T), and the YMCA’s artEmbrace program.

Works by Open Arms Care's A.R.T. clients

Works by Open Arms Care’s A.R.T. clients

Open Arms is an organization that provides intermediate care facility services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Nashville. Its A.R.T. program allows clients, many of whom are unable to speak, walk or hold a paint brush, to control the creative process via a laser pointer that is secured to their head. The pointer allows the client to direct a tracker, (the person painting) as to how they would like their canvas to look. The tracker works directly with a client, asking an infinite series of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions. Trackers use a board of colors and a canvas. They continue asking questions until the painting is exactly how the client wants it. A variety of different sized frames and artists are presented in this month’s exhibition.

IMG_3853artEMBRACE is a comprehensive multi-cultural arts education after-school art program  in the YMCA’s line-up of after-school programs in five counties throughout Middle Tennessee. Currently in its seventh year, local professional teaching artists travel to over 100 after-school programs each semester to share their talents in a wide variety of visual and performing arts with hundreds of kids all over Middle Tennessee. The mission of artEMBRACE is to use art education to positively affect the lives of students, improving their chances to lead successful lives by developing creativity, improving learning skills and building self-confidence.

The  artEMBRACE after School Artwork Exhibit consists of matted and framed prints from workshops taught by local artist and T.A.L. vice-president Maylynd Augelli and hand sculpted clay creations from workshops taught by local artist Sophia Stevenson. All of these works are original creations, made by the students. There is no computer generated design among these works.  These are the students own creations. The images are impressive.

[Photos by Turner McCullough Jr./JazzWaves Imaging Solutions]

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