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December 27, 2013

January at the Tennessee Art League

An opening reception for our January shows will be held Saturday, January 4, from 6 – 9 P.M. as part of the Nashville Downtown Partnership’s First Saturday Art Crawl. Each exhibition will run through February 1.

Broadway Gallery & Ethel Smith Gallery: New Members Show Artwork by TAL’s dozens of new members with exciting subjects rendered in a variety of new and interesting mediums. Award-winning artists specialize in fields such as portraiture, landscape art, wildlife and Nashville’s vibrant music scene.

Featured artist — Dina D’Argo: Dina’s world has always been about creativity, animals, and a spiritual connection to the Earth. She began drawing and painting at a very young age, and was encouraged to pursue a career in art and design. After earning her degree in Fashion Design and running a successful design and manufacturing business in Los Angeles, Dina yearned for greater creative freedom. She continued to draw, paint and create her mixed-media sculptural works as a side project until a serious horseback riding accident became a life-changing experience. Her recovery from brain and spinal injuries inspired her to return to her artwork, with a commitment to making that passion her priority.

Dina D’Argo, Law of Attraction, 30" x 96.” Acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

Dina D’Argo, Law of Attraction, 30″ x 96.” Acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

While she has experimented with a variety of media, Dina currently chooses to concentrate on her acrylic paintings on canvas. Her style has gradually evolved into a dynamic mix of representational and abstract. With loose, bold brush strokes, lush colors and textural effects, she captures the grace and power of her subjects. While her subject matter varies widely, horses are an eternal favorite. Dina’s horse images are dramatic metaphors for the human spirit; an unbridling of our desire for our own personal freedom and power. “As an artist, I have the privilege of creating my own reality on the canvas. Rather than simply presenting an image, I hope to engage the viewer in a way that asks them to use their imagination to complete the story.”

Dina’s work has been featured in galleries and private collations in Europe, Canada, southern California, Colorado, Oregon and Hawaii, among other places. Originally from coastal San Diego County, Dina now lives south of Nashville. Image attached: Law of Attraction, 30″ x 96.” Acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

Featured artist: Dolly Gode (Dolly G) Dolly G is a traditional artist from Sofia, Bulgaria who currently lives in Tennessee and works in her home studio. She studied fashion design and marketing. In Europe she has worked as a designer, illustrator and marketing consultant. Her drawings have been published in books for children and featured in the special edition of “Amazing Pencil Portraits”. Her paintings won “Best Exhibit Art Award” for 2008-09 in Texas and the Army Arts and Crafts Contest for 2012. Image attached: Yellow Bird, 10″ x 10.” Acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

Featured artist: Amy Stielstra Amy Stielstra is an artist, illustrator, designer, set designer and graphic facilitator. She works as a “scribe” at the Vanderbilt Center for Better Health where her art facilitates a process designed to help organizations innovate and create strategic solutions and action plans. An award-winning visual artist, Amy’s work has appeared in books, magazines and national advertising. In addition to commercial art, Amy also creates and shows fine art in a variety of media. Interactive pieces she produced while serving as the first artist in the Arts Council of Williamson County’s Artist in Residence program were featured in the Tennessean (Nashville’s major daily newspaper.)

 Dolly Gode,Yellow Bird, 10" x 10.” Acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

Dolly Gode,Yellow Bird, 10″ x 10.” Acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

In addition to her commercial art, Amy enjoys giving back by serving with the YMCA Art Embrace program and Kids On Stage Fine Arts Camp to teach art to school children throughout middle Tennessee. Amy also designs and builds sets for StarBright Childrens Theatre and Williamson County Schools. Amy has a Bachelor’s degree in art and design from Central Michigan University. Amy Stielstra is a graphic designer, illustrator and fine artist with an eclectic range of styles and abilities. She works in various media including; pencil, pastel, watercolor, oils, acrylics and computerized illustrations and across styles ranging from abstract to cartoon to near-photographic realism. Image attached: Untitled (Red bird), approx. 14” x 14.” Encaustic and mixed media.

TAL Members’ Gallery Artwork by TAL’s membership at large. Many mediums will be featured – oil, pastel, watercolor, acrylics, and pen and ink, as well as selected sculptures.

Featured artist: Cindy Billingsley Franklin, TN artist Cindy Billingsley is rare in that she can both sculpt and paint. To her these mediums are like speaking in two different languages – she might be able to express an idea better in one than the other. She spends her time working in bodies of series in both Wildlife and issues in society like Alzheimer’s disease. With her art she wants to try and make a difference in the world, to bring awareness, to communicate and bring about change. Her sculptures have a real lifelike quality, especially her animals in clay. They look as though they could just get up and walk off. She prefers to capture the spirit and gesture of an animal in as few a details as possible.

She has been a painter from a very young age. Her love of animals drew her to the more unusual ones and solitary ones like the Okapi, and octopus. The artist spends most of their time alone in the studio and she found it interesting to be drawn to these types of animals. She has created work for national exhibitions, public art, and commissions. Cindy hopes that one day art will bring enough awareness that animals will always have a revered place in the world. Image attached: Chambered Nautilus, approx. 24” x 28.” Fired ceramic & mixed media.

Poston Gallery:  Laura Hudson, who lives in Nashville, has exhibited her work as part of Room in the Inn’s Healing Arts Program community art exhibits since the project started in 2004. She uses color to bring her ideas to life as she draws with agility and confident speed. She likes to put a lot of detail in her artwork and let her pictures tell a story. Her subjects have included beautiful flowers, tropical island scenes, Victorian era scenes, and rural farm scenes. Many pictures show activity around a beach or body of water. Pirates appear in some of these pictures. Her jungle pictures include lush tropical growth with creatures that inhabit the jungle.

She has had two of her artworks chosen for the conference theme of the annual Tennessee Disability MegaConference. She believes her artistic ability was gifted by the Creator! Image attached: Abstract Birds, marker on paper, approx. 14” x 18”.

TAL Gift Shop: TAL’s facility on 5th Avenue includes a vibrant storefront gift shop, featuring hundreds of unique and handmade artisan wares from local artists and craftspeople. Items include sculpture, woodworking, jewelry, wearable art, pottery, notecards, prints and small paintings, and holiday-themed decor. Pieces run from only a few dollars, up to investment-grade artwork. This Christmas, avoid mall crowds and buy quality goods made by Tennessee artists! All major credit cards are accepted.


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