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June 23, 2014

“Human” opens at Trespass Gallery

Trespass Gallery opened its new exhibit, “Human,” at its gallery at 139A Franklin Street on Saturday evening.

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“Andrea” by Artist Jessica Landau

Using the theme “exploring what it means to be human,” owner Vince Herrera has pulled together in the Gallery a diverse collection of contemporary art from local, national and international artists working in traditional and mixed media, often using recycled materials to create their works.

From the expected canvas pieces to works painted on the inside of eggshells, this small gallery is bursting over with the imagination, insight of its artists, which includes Herrera himself.

Herrera brings the unexpected to his gallery; visitors will experience more than the traditional canvas works, instead traveling through eclectic mediums to variations on street art and unique foundations — including eggshells and metal works — from which art is developed.

Artists in this exhibit include Biafra, Bob Dob, Ivette Cabrera, Jessica Landau, Burn353, Marcelo Daldoce, Amber Rima,  Mathew Curran, K. Llamas,  Nate Dee,  and Roly Viruez, S. Mars.

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“Image of Spider 2” by Mike Nuriel


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