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September 20, 2014

Bryant, Renkl share Gallery Talk, launch ‘Even When’ exhibit

The Clarksville Customs House Museum continued its ‘Art with Lunch’ series on Wednesday, September 17, hosting “Gallery Talk” with artists Susan Bryant and Billy Renkl. The lunch hour event  coincided with the opening of their co-exhibit, “Even When: Recent Works by Susan Bryant & Billy Renkl. A warm, friendly atmosphere prevailed as visitors gathered in the gallery lobby for the presentation. Terri Jordan, museum exhibit curator, welcomed the visitors and introduced the renowned local couple. Both have enjoyed professional success as artists in their own individual right. This is their first joint exhibit at the Customs House.

Renkl opened the event with a discussion of his approach to the artform of collage. While the stereotypical concept is large-scale objects suspended in air, Renkl chooses to concentrate on smaller scale objects, utilizing a 3-D element within a framed space to tantalize the viewer. He also utilizes textures and layers to further enhance his images.  Colors are not a dominant feature in his works. Rather, Renkl relies on the subtle magic of shades and tones to lend depth and surprise to many of his works. See collage in a new light with Billy Renkl.

Susan Bryant is a photographer and APSU professor. She spoke about photographic negative transfer techniques and the various derivative applications that are possible with this technology. Her talk was filled with anecdotes of her travels around the world and the large format cameras she uses to create her images. She displayed a large collection of negative plates and tin types, explaining the different properties of each. Her works showcase silver gelatin printing of transfers from Collodion glass negatives. She talked of the wonder of the simple process of capturing an image and then transferring that precious moment to  another medium for display. Over the course of human history, mankind has always sought to preserve a visual record of exploits, deeds and moments. Photography has proven to be a most versatile method of doing this.

“Even When” is on display through early November at the Customs House Museum Gallery. With paid admission, the entire museum is available for viewing and discovery. Enjoy an afternoon of art reflection as there are several exhibits currently on display.


[Photos by Turner McCullough Jr./JazzWaves Imaging Solutions.]

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