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Archive for March, 2014


Asanbe Diversity Symposium to examine Senegalese men in WWII

“Are you a subject or are you a citizen?” That was an important question for many Senegalese men during World War II, when they joined the Colonial French Army. In their everyday lives, these individuals saw little differen...
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Preserve wealth into your retirement years

Throughout life, we encounter a number of “financial impact points” -- pivotal events with the potential to make our dreams come true, say financial advisors Chris Snyder and Haitham “Hutch” Ashoo, co-authors of “Exit...
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Saturation patrol totals listed

The Clarksville Police Department conducted impaired driving saturation patrols, partially funded by the Governor’s Highway Safety Office, on March 28-29.
by News Staff


Trespass Gallery to host grand opening on Franklin Street

Clarksville's newest art space in the Vince Herrera's Trespass Gallery, 139A Franklin Street.
by News Staff


APSU to stage “Dark of the Moon” at Trahern Mansion

APSU Theatre and the Center for Exellence in the Creative Arts will present "Dark of the Moon" April 9-13 at the Trahern Mansion, 101 McClure Street.
by News Staff



Truths about tanning from CDC

A lot of people believe indoor tanning is safe. The truth is, tanning beds injure thousands of people each year badly enough to go to a hospital, and that's just the beginning. People who indoor tan damage their skin, often get...
by News Staff


TDOT meeting to address right-of-way, relocations on Rossview Road

TDOT has announced the scheduling of a neighborhood meeting on April 3 at 6 p.m. at Rossview Middle School to discuss a right-of-way acquisition and relocation procedures for State Route 237 (Rossview Road).
by News Staff